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The Snappi IxNetwork Open Traffic Generator Python Package

Project description

snappi Extension for IxNetwork

license Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. Build pypi python Total alerts Language grade: Python downloads

This extension allows executing test scripts written using snappi against
IxNetwork, (one of) Keysight's implementation of Open Traffic Generator.

The repository is under active development.

To start contributing, please see

Install on a client

python -m pip install --upgrade "snappi[ixnetwork]"

Start scripting

Configure a raw TCP flow with,
- tx port as source to rx port as destination
- frame count 10000, each of size 128 bytes
- transmit rate of 1000 packets per second
- frames transmitted and received for configured flow is as expected

import snappi
# host is IxNetwork API Server
api = snappi.api(location='https://localhost:443', ext='ixnetwork')
# new config
config = api.config()
# port location is chassis-ip;card-id;port-id
tx, rx = (
    .port(name='tx', location=';2;1')
    .port(name='rx', location=';2;2')
# configure layer 1 properties
ly, = config.layer1.layer1(name='ly')
ly.port_names = [,]
ly.speed = ly.SPEED_10_GBPS = ly.FIBER
# configure flow properties
flw, = config.flows.flow(name='flw')
# flow endpoints
flw.tx_rx.port.tx_name =
flw.tx_rx.port.rx_name =
# enable flow metrics
flw.metrics.enable = True
# configure rate, size, frame count
flw.size.fixed = 128
flw.rate.pps = 1000
flw.duration.fixed_packets.packets = 10000
# configure protocol headers with defaults fields
# push configuration
# start transmitting configured flows
ts = api.transmit_state()
ts.state = ts.START
# create a query for flow metrics
req = api.metrics_request()
req.flow.flow_names = []
# wait for flow metrics to be as expected
while True:
    res = api.get_metrics(req)
    if all([m.frames_tx == 10000 == m.frames_rx for m in res.flow_metrics]):

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