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Simple node deletion tool for onnx.

Project description


Simple node deletion tool for onnx. I only test very miscellaneous and limited patterns as a hobby. There are probably a large number of bugs. Pull requests are welcome.

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1. Setup

### option
$ echo export PATH="~/.local/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc \
&& source ~/.bashrc

### run
$ pip install -U onnx \
&& python3 -m pip install -U onnx_graphsurgeon --index-url \
&& pip install -U snd4onnx

2. CLI Usage

$ snd4onnx -h

  snd4onnx [-h]
    --onnx_file_path ONNX_FILE_PATH
    --remove_node_names REMOVE_NODE_NAMES [REMOVE_NODE_NAMES ...]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help
        show this help message and exit

  --onnx_file_path ONNX_FILE_PATH
        Input onnx file path.

  --remove_node_names REMOVE_NODE_NAMES [REMOVE_NODE_NAMES ...]
        ONNX node name to be deleted.

3. In-script Usage

>>> from snd4onnx import remove
>>> help(remove)

Help on function remove in module snd4onnx.onnx_remove_node:

remove(onnx_file_path: str, remove_node_names: List[str])

    onnx_file_path: str
        Input onnx file paths.

    remove_node_names: List[str]
        List of OP names to be deleted.
        e.g. remove_node_names = ['op_name1', 'op_name2', 'op_name3', ...]

4. CLI Execution

$ snd4onnx \
--onnx_file_path input.onnx \
--remove_node_names node_name_a node_name_b

5. In-script Execution

from snd4onnx import remove

    remove_node_names=['node_name_a', 'node_name_b'],

6. Sample

6-1. sample.1

Before After
test1 onnx test1_removed onnx

6-2. sample.2

Before After
test3 onnx test3_removed onnx

6-3. sample.3

Before After
test5 onnx test5_removed onnx

6-4. sample.4

Before After
test7 onnx test7_removed onnx

6-5. sample.5

Before After
test8 onnx test8_removed onnx

7. Reference


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