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A command-line clipboard utility and snippet catalog

Project description

Copies the contents of a saved register, a file, or stdin to the clipboard, or manipulates the registry.

Installing it

To install from pypi:

pip install snipco

From source, there are two ways:

  • If you have make, run:

    make install
  • Otherwise, run:

    ./ install --user


snipco [-h] [-g [name_or_path]] [-s [name]] [-x [name]] [-l]
       [-p [name]] [-f [path]] [-t [text]] [-v]
snipco [-h] [-g [name_or_path]] [-s [name]] [-x [name]] [-l]
       [-p [name]] [-f [path]] [-v]

For command-line help, just run:

snipco --help


All arguments are optional; if no arguments are provided, then snipco will copy the contents of stdin to the clipboard. If –file or –text is the sole argument given, then the contents of the file or quoted text, respectively, will be copied to the clipboard.

-h, –help

show help and exit

-g [name_or_path], –get [name_or_path]

Copy the contents of the saved register. The named key must exist.

-s [register_name], –set [register_name]

Save the input to a named register. Uses stdin as input unless either –file or –text is specified.

-f [path], –file [path]

Specify a file to use instead of stdin for –set. If no other arguments are supplied, copies the contents of the given file directly to the clipboard.

-t “text to save”, –text “text to save”

Specify quote-delimited text on the command-line instead of stdin. If no other arguments are supplied, copies the text directly to the clipboard.

-l, –list

List the existing registers

-p [name], –print [name]

Print the contents of the named register. The registry key must exist.

-x [register_name], –unset [register_name]

Unset the named register.

-v, –version

show program’s version number and exit


Save text from a file dirctly to the clipboard:

snipco --file path/to/file.txt


cat path/to/file.txt | snipco

Save text to a named register:

snipco --set myregister --text "Hello, world!"

Copy text from the register to the clipboard:

snipco --get myregister

Print text in the register to stdout:

snipco --print myregister

Unset the register:

snipco --unset myregister

List the registers you’ve saved:

snipco --list

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