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Status Report - Comfortable CLI Activity Status Reporting

Project description

Track your activities, comfortably.


Comfortably archive snips of the stuff you get done. Compatible with status-report. Beautiful. Made for Humans.


Save a basic snippet with now() timestamp:

snip #home #car I went to the post-office to buy stamps

Save a snippet as completed yesterday:

snip yesterday #project_x reported 36 bugs in BZ, 14 in JIRA

Save a snippet as completed on a specific date in the past:

snip 2015-01-01 pushed 14 code #commits

Save a snippet and connect with others involved:

snip washed dads car today @philly @dad #allowance

Save multiple snippets at once completed the day before yesterday:

snip -1 #project_x did this; #private arrived 30m late

See snippet –help for complete list of available commands.

To retrieve your current week’s saved snippets, use status-report:

status-report --snippets project_x

To sync your current week’s saved snippets with a remote db:

snip sync project_x []


Install directly from Fedora/Copr repository or use PIP:

# Basic dependencies for buiding/installing pip packages
sudo yum install gcc krb5-devel
sudo yum install python-devel python-pip python-virtualenv

# Upgrade to the latest pip/setup/virtualenv installer code
sudo pip install -U pip setuptools virtualenv

# Install into a python virtual environment (OPTIONAL)
virtualenv --no-site-packages ~/virtenv_sniprd
source ~/virtenv_sniprd/bin/activate

# Install sniprd (sudo required if not in a virtualenv)
pip install sniprd


The config file ~/.sniprd is used to store general settings:

uri = ~/.sniprd.db  # DEFAULT

# push (sync) ALL sniprd to another db
uri = postgresql://
exclude_tags = ["private", "confidential"]
exclude_regex = ["secret_code", "fsck"]

# push sniprd with hashtag #home to another db
uri = postgresql://

# email #project_x sniprd to someone
uri = email://get@it.done
include_tags = ["project_x"]

uri = email://


To build and execute in a docker container, run:

make run_docker

See LINKS section below for more docker resources.


If you’re planning to make commits to this project, please enable the following git hooks:

# UPDATE according to the correct absolute git path
PATH = ~/sniprd/git-hooks
ln -s $(PATH)/ .git/hooks/pre-commit
ln -s $(PATH)/ .git/hooks/commit-msg


To run tests using pytest:

# sudo required if not in a virtualenv
pip install pytest coveralls
coverage run --source=sniprd -m py.test source/tests
coverage report


Chris Ward

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