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A collection of command-line tools for SNMP management purposes built on top of PySNMP package.

Project description

Command-line SNMP tools

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This is a collection of command-line SNMP tools written in pure-Python. The tools mimic their famous Net-SNMP counterparts.

In the past this project was known as pysnmp-apps.


  • Complete SNMPv1/v2c and SNMPv3 support
  • Interface compatible (almost) with Net-SNMP's snmp* tools.
  • SNMPv3 USM supports MD5/SHA/SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 auth and DES/3DES/AES128/AES192/AES256 privacy crypto algorithms
  • Automatically downloads required MIBs from the Internet
  • Runs over IPv4 and/or IPv6 transports
  • Cross-platform: works on Linux, Windows and OS X.
  • 100% Python, works with Python 3.7+


The snmpclitools package is distributed under terms and conditions of 2-clause BSD license. Source code is freely available as a Github repo.


Download snmpclitools from PyPI or just run:

$ pip install snmpclitools-lextudio

How to use the tools

The most of pysnmp command-line tools could be run in a similar way as their Net-SNMP counterparts. For example:

$ snmpbulkwalk -v3 -u usr-md5-des -l authPriv -A authkey1 -X privkey1 system
SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = DisplayString: Linux grommit #2 PREEMPT Tue Mar 1 14:03:24 MSD 2016 i686 unknown unknown GNU/Linux
SNMPv2-MIB::sysObjectID.0 = ObjectIdentifier:
SNMPv2-MIB::sysUpTime.0 = TimeTicks: 43 days 1:55:47.85372214785
[ skipped ]
SNMPv2-MIB::sysORUpTime."8" = TimeStamp: 0 days 0:0:0.77
SNMPv2-MIB::sysORUpTime."9" = TimeStamp: 0 days 0:0:0.77

$ snmpget -v3 -u usr-sha-aes -l authPriv -A authkey1 -X privkey1 IP-MIB::ipAdEntBcastAddr.\"\"
IP-MIB::ipAdEntBcastAddr."" = Integer32: 1

$ snmpset -v2c -c public SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = my-new-descr

For more information, please, run any of these tools with --help option.

You can play with different security protocols against the publicly available SNMP agent like this one

Getting help

If something does not work as expected, please open up a GitHub issue or post your question to Stack Overflow.

Feedback and collaboration

Your pull requests are very welcome!

Copyright (c) 2005-2019, Ilya Etingof. Copyright (c) 2022-2024, LeXtudio Inc.. All rights reserved.

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