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🚀 A simple, modern, full-stack toolkit for Python 🐍

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🚀 A simple, modern, full-stack toolkit for Python 🐍

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Snok is a simple, modern, full-stack toolkit for Python.

🙋 Why?

Snok is a toolkit for Python that focuses on making it simple and easy to build modern, full-stack applications, across web and AI frameworks.

Snok is designed to leverage the best tools and packages that exist in the Python ecosystem in simple and easy to use workflows that accelerate development.

🎉 Featuring

  • Package generation
  • Task management with invoke
  • Packaging with setuptools
  • Linting with ruff and black
  • Type checking with mypy
  • Testing with pytest

🤩 Coming Soon

  • Web application generation with fastapi and htmx
  • Database integration with pydantic and sqlmodel
  • Production ready deployment stacks with nix, docker, skaffold and kustomize
  • AI framework integrations with pytorch and langchain

Check out the latest issues and pull requests to see what's coming soon!

📝 Requirements

  • Python 3.11+
  • pip

⚙️ Installation

After you've created your Python 3.11+ virtual environment, install Snok with:

pip install snok

🐍 Getting Started

Create a new package with:

snok new mypackage && cd mypackage

Snok uses invoke to manage tasks, like installing dependencies, running tests, and more.

inv --list

To install dependencies:

inv add fastapi

To uninstall dependencies:

inv remove fastapi

🫶 How can I help?

📲 Contact

Reach out on Twitter if you'd like to get in touch!


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