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Snovault Hybrid Object Relational Database Framework

Project description

SnoVault JSON-LD Database Framework

Version 0.22

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Installation Instructions

Currently these are for Mac OSX. For linux, look at cloud-config.yml it should be reasonably easy to infer from that

Step 0: Install Xcode (from App Store) and homebrew:

Step 1: Verify that homebrew is working properly::

$ sudo brew doctor

Step 2: Install or update dependencies::

$ brew install libevent libmagic libxml2 libxslt openssl postgresql graphviz nginx python3
$ brew install freetype libjpeg libtiff littlecms webp # Required by Pillow
$ brew tap homebrew/versions
$ brew install elasticsearch17 node4-lts

If you need to update dependencies::

$ brew update
$ brew upgrade
$ rm -rf snowflakes/eggs

Step 3: Run buildout::

$ python3 --buildout-version 2.4.1 --setuptools-version 18.5
$ bin/buildout

If you have issues with postgres or the python interface to it (psycogpg2) you probably need to install postgresql
via homebrew (as above)
If you have issues with Pillow you may need to install new xcode command line tools:
- First update Xcode from AppStore (reboot)
$ xcode-select --install

If you wish to completely rebuild the application, or have updated dependencies:
$ make clean

Then goto Step 3.

Step 4: Start the application locally

In one terminal startup the database servers and nginx proxy with::

$ bin/dev-servers development.ini --app-name app --clear --init --load

This will first clear any existing data in /tmp/snowflakes.
Then postgres and elasticsearch servers will be initiated within /tmp/snowflakes.
An nginx proxy running on port 8000 will be started.
The servers are started, and finally the test set will be loaded.

In a second terminal, run the app with::

$ bin/pserve development.ini

Indexing will then proceed in a background thread similar to the production setup.

Browse to the interface at http://localhost:8000/.

Running tests

To run specific tests locally::

$ bin/test -k test_name

To run with a debugger::

$ bin/test --pdb

Specific tests to run locally for schema changes::

$ bin/test -k test_load_workbook

Run the Pyramid tests with::

$ bin/test -m "not bdd"

Run the Browser tests with::

$ bin/test -m bdd -v --splinter-webdriver chrome

Run the Javascript tests with::

$ npm test

Or if you need to supply command line arguments::

$ ./node_modules/.bin/jest

Building Javascript

Our Javascript is written using ES6 and JSX, so needs to be compiled
using babel and webpack.

To build production-ready bundles, do::

$ npm run build

(This is also done as part of running buildout.)

To build development bundles and continue updating them as you edit source files, run::

$ npm run dev

The development bundles are not minified, to speed up building.

Notes on SASS/Compass

We use the `SASS <>`_ and `Compass <>`_ CSS preprocessors.
The buildout installs the SASS and Compass utilities and compiles the CSS.
When changing the SCSS source files you must recompile the CSS using one of the following methods:

Compiling "on the fly"

Compass can watch for any changes made to .scss files and instantly compile them to .css.
To start this, from the root of the project (where config.rb is) do::

$ bin/compass watch

You can specify whether the compiled CSS is minified or not in config.rb. (Currently, it is set to minify.)

Force compiling


$ bin/compass compile

Again, you can specify whether the compiled CSS is minified or not in config.rb.

Also see the `Compass Command Line Documentation <>`_ and the `Configuration Reference <>`_.

And of course::

$ bin/compass help


To setup SublimeLinter with Sublime Text 3, first install the linters::

$ easy_install-2.7 flake8
$ npm install -g jshint
$ npm install -g jsxhint

After first setting up `Package Control`_ (follow install and usage instructions on site), use it to install the following packages in Sublime Text 3:

* sublimelinter
* sublimelinter-flake8
* sublimelinter-jsxhint
* jsx
* sublimelinter-jshint

.. _`Package Control`:

0.20 - Patch mpindexer for better error messages
0.21 - (pypi errors, identical to 0.22)
0.22 - New version of image magic, fix sauce labs
0.23 - replace copy.deepcopy() for faster indexing

Project details

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