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Small script to simplify network communication

Project description

Please note that this branch is just temporary module of sock module. If the pull request is merged, this branch will be removed.


Small script to simplify network communication.

Something like telnetlib, but for clean TCP/UDP (no command sequences, \r\n newlines, etc.)

As an alternative, consider pwntools which contains unified interface (tubes) for communications with sockets, processes, etc. See tubes API.

Current development only supports python 3. Old python 2 version is available at the py2 branch.


$ pip3 install sock-websocket

For development or building from this repository, poetry is needed.


TCP Client

from sock import *

f = Sock("", timeout=10)
# or IPv6
f = Sock6("::1 3123", timeout=3)
# or already existing socket
f = Sock.from_socket(some_socket)  # or toSock(some_socket)
# or UDP/IPv6
f = SockU6("::1 3123", timeout=3)
# or WebSocket
# For using WebSock, the websocket-client module must be installed (pip install websocket-client).
f = WebSock("ws://localhost:3123")

# wait for prompt (skip banner for example)
# the prompt itself will be skipped (and returned) too
f.read_until("> ", timeout=3)  # read_until_re also exists

f.send("flip coin\n")

# skip until regexp
result1 = f.skip_until_re(r"You've got (heads|tails)")  # skip_until(str) also exists

# read until also consumes matched part
f.read_until_re(r"You've g[oe]t ")  # read_until(str) also exists

# read specific number of bytes
result2 = f.read_nbytes(5)

assert result1 == result2

# alias for f.send(s + "\n")
f.send_line("random please")

# read one packet and flush buffers

# non-blocking read (flush buffers)

# read until disconnect


Author: hellman

License: MIT License

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