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Stop being so black & white. Mix things up a bit and execute code sometimes.

Project description

Stop being so black and white. Mix things up a bit and execute code sometimes. This is a Python port of the Ruby sometimes gem.


You can install via pip:

$ pip install sometimes

Or by cloning from Github:

$ git clone
$ cd sometimes
$ python install


Say something every other time:

from sometimes import sometimes

def hello():
    print "Hey, you are awesome. You really are."  # executes warm fuzzies 50% of the time

Have a 50% chance of saying something:

from sometimes import sometimesish

def hello():
    print "Hey, you are awesome. You really are."

Maybe you want to do something several times, but not always the exact same number of times:

from sometimes import times

def pick_nose():

Maybe you want to remind someone of something, but not toooo often (It gets annoying!):

from sometimes import percent_of_the_time

def naughty():
    print "Howdy, Don't forget to register!"  # be annoying, but only 15% of the time

def be_very_polite():

Share a rare moment with your user:

from sometimes import rarely

def spam():
    print "How would you like some spammy spam spam!"  # be really annoying about 5% of the time

Do something most of the time:

from sometimes import mostly

def be_awesome():
    print "Want to see something really cool?"  # Be awesome about 95% of the time

Hold on a minute

Why does it have @sometimes and @sometimesish? I wanted sometimes to behave as described by the gem docs, not how it operates in the gem. I included sometimesish if anyone wanted the gem style functionality.



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