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sonopod is a commandline tool for playing podcasts through Sonos speakers

Project description

A simple command line podcast player for Sonos


This little utilty is great for building a remote control for Sonos.

The primary use case is for a headless Raspberry pi, reading RFID cards to choose podcasts to play on the Sonos speaker.

If you find any other use for it, add your story!


help text

$ ./ --help
SonoPod is a command line client to feed your Sonos with podcasts
Copyright 2016 <>, GPLv3 licensed
Usage: sonopod [-h|--help] [--setsonos] [--volume NN] [podcast_url]
    [-h|--help]     This help text
    [--setsonos]    Set default Sonos speaker
    [--volume NN]   Set volume of default speaker to N, between 0 (silent) and 90 (max)
    [podcast_url]   Add a new podcast series to the library, and pick an episode to play

    If run without arguments, presents a list of podcasts in the library

set default Sonos speaker

$ ./ --setsonos
Choose a Sonos speaker
[1]  Arbeidsrom
[2]  Stue
Set default>

set volume of default speaker

$ ./ --volume=21
New volume of player is 21

add podcast series

$ ./
Available episodes
[1]  Cambridge Science Festival: Battle of the Brains
[2]  The A - Zika of viruses: Preventing Pandemics
[3]  Gravitational Waves: Discovery of the Decade?
[4]  Could The Internet Die?
[5]  Rules of Attraction: The Science of Sex
Which episode to play>

listen to podcast from library

$ ./
Podcasts in library
[1]  NRK  200 år  200 minutter
[2]  NRK  Einstein   sporet av den tøyde tid
[3]  Everyday Einstein's Quick and Dirty Tips for Making Sense of Science
[4]  NRK  Nyhetsmorgen
[5]  Freakonomics Radio
[6]  Valebrokk og Co.
[7]  NRK  Ekko - et aktuelt samfunnsprogram
[8]  NRK  Ytring
Choose podcast> 6
Available episodes
[1]  Her bor fremtidens boligvinnere
[2]   vaskehjelpen subsidieres for å  kvinner i full jobb?
[3]  Lakselus til tross, vi har  vidt sett starten  lakseeventyret
[4]  Økonomisk toppmøte: Èn ting er mer verdt enn oljen
[5]  Hvor ille kan oljebremsen bli? Vi har spurt industritoppene før sentralbanksjefens årstale
Which episode to play> 2


0.1.2 (2016-06-03)

  • Add --volume=XX option to set volume on default speaker.

0.1.1 (2016-03-20)

  • Tool is installed as in your path

  • Add code to choose Sonos speaker if you have more than one. Run with --setsonos to set speaker.

  • Add command line option --help

  • Don’t depend on the builtin module

0.1 (Unreleased)

  • Working proof of concept

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