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Software security, simplified.

Project description


SOOS is an independent software security company, located in Winooski, VT USA, building security software for your team. SOOS, Software security, simplified.

Use SOOS to scan your software for vulnerabilities and open source license issues with SOOS Core SCA. Generate SBOMs. Govern your open source dependencies. Run the SOOS DAST vulnerability scanner against your web apps or APIs.

Demo SOOS or Register for a Free Trial.

If you maintain an Open Source project, sign up for the Free as in Beer SOOS Community Edition.


Python script to run SOOS Core SCA

Supported Languages and Package Managers

Our full list of supported manifest formats can be found here.

Need an Account?

Visit to create your trial account.

Running the Script

See Script Knowlege Base Documentation

Linux Shell Script Example

See Linux GitHub Gist

Windows CMD Script Example

See Windows Batch File Gist

Script Arguments

Argument Default Description
-h, --help ==SUPPRESS== show this help message and exit
-hf, --helpFormatted False Print the --help command in markdown table format
-m, --mode run_and_wait Mode of operation:
run_and_wait: Run Analysis & Wait ** Default Value,
async_init: Async Init,
async_result: Async Result
For more information about scan modes, visit
-of, --onFailure continue_on_failure On Failure:
fail_the_build: Fail The Build
continue_on_failure: Continue On Failure ** Default Value
-dte, --directoriesToExclude None Listing of directories (relative to ./) to exclude from the search for manifest files.
Example - Correct: bin/start/
Example - Incorrect: ./bin/start/
Example - Incorrect: /bin/start
-fte, --filesToExclude None Listing of files (relative to ./) to exclude from the search for manifest files.
Example - Correct: bin/start/requirements.txt
Example - Incorrect: ./bin/start/requirements.txt
Example - Incorrect: /bin/start/requirements.txt
-wd, --workingDirectory None Absolute path where SOOS may write and read persistent files for the given build.
Example - Correct: /tmp/workspace/
Example - Incorrect: ./bin/start/
Example - Incorrect: tmp/workspace
-armw, --resultMaxWait 300 Maximum seconds to wait for Analysis Result. Default 300.
-arpi, --resultPollingInterval 10 Polling interval (in seconds) for analysis result completion (success/failure).
Min value: 10
-pm, --packageManagers None A list of package managers, delimited by comma, to include when searching for manifest files.
-buri, --baseUri SOOS API URI Path. Default Value:
Intended for internal use only.
-scp, --sourceCodePath None Root path to begin recursive search for manifests. Default Value: ./
-pn, --projectName None Project name for tracking results, (this will be the one used inside of the SOOS App)
-cid, --clientId None Client ID, get yours from
-akey, --apiKey None API Key, get yours from
-v, --verbosity INFO Set logging verbosity level value (INFO/DEBUG)
--verbose False Enable verbose logging
-ch, --commitHash None Commit Hash Value
-bn, --branchName None Branch Name
-bruri, --branchUri None Branch URI
-bldver, --buildVersion None Build Version
-blduri, --buildUri None Build URI
-oe, --operatingEnvironment None Operating Environment
-appver, --appVersion None App Version. Intended for internal use only.
-intn, --integrationName None Integration Name (e.g. Provider)
-intt, --integrationType None Integration Type. Intended for internal use only.
-sarif False Generates SARIF Report that later can be uploaded to GitHub

Feedback and Support

See SOOS Knowledge Base

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

soos-sca-1.7.15.tar.gz (23.0 kB view hashes)

Uploaded Source

Built Distribution

soos_sca-1.7.15-py3-none-any.whl (20.5 kB view hashes)

Uploaded Python 3

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