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A Sopel plugin to make things RAINBOW COLORED.

Project description


A Sopel plugin to make things RAINBOW COLORED.


By default, sopel-rainbow outputs colors in the "standard" rainbow order, ROYGBIV, subject to receiving clients' use of the customary meanings for IRC color codes 0-15. If set explicitly in your Sopel config file, this default value would look like:

order =

If you want to get creative (or cater to a community with shared color norms that differ from the "de facto" values established by mIRC and friends) override the order with your own list of numeric codes:

order = # Americans and French can fight over this one

Starting the rainbow at the beginning of the order every time is also default behavior. If you want the rainbow to start at a random place every time instead, set the Boolean option random_start to yes or on:

random_start = on


Only Sopel itself, version 7.0 or higher.

If installed on a bot using Sopel 7.1+, sopel-rainbow will strip control codes from the input text before applying the rainbow colors. (Sopel 7.0.x does not offer this feature, so feeding formatted text into the .rainbow command might yield unexpected results.)

This version of sopel-rainbow will not work with Sopel 9.0+. A future release will correct this, sometime before Sopel 9 becomes stable.


The brief, illustrious history of sopel-rainbow, a silly little plugin spawned from a tongue-in-cheek upstream issue.

sopel-rainbow 0.1.1


  • Empty input raises exception on upcoming Sopel 7.1 release (#2)

sopel-rainbow 0.1.0

Initial release, featuring:

  • .rainbow command
  • Configurable color order
  • Optional randomized start point
  • Control-code stripping on Sopel 7.1+
  • Compatible with Sopel 7.0 through (planned) 8.x releases

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