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Python Source Code Types For Inline Syntax Highlighting

Project description

Python Source Code Types For Inline Syntax Highlighting

Type annotations for various languages, when applied to multi line strings will syntax highlighting with the python-inline-source VS Code plugin.

Supports html, css, javascript, typescript, sql, graphql, multiple css extension languages, template languages and many more, see below for a full list.

Uses typing.Annotated to annotate the str type with the language used. You can use typing.get_type_hints at runtime to determine the language that a string has been annotated with.

On Python versions prior to 3.9 uses typing_extensions to support Annotated types.


pip install sourcetypes




Use a type decoration named for language that you are using:

import sourcetypes

my_html_string: sourcetypes.html = """
  <h1>Some HTML</h1>


from sourcetypes import html

my_html_string: html = """
  <h1>Some HTML</h1>

Supported Languages

  • markdown (aliased as md)
  • html
  • django_html (aliased as django)
  • django_txt
  • jinja
  • jinja_html
  • css (aliased as style, and styles)
  • scss
  • less
  • sass
  • stylus
  • javascript (aliased as js)
  • jsx (aliased as javascriptreact, and react)
  • typescript (aliased as ts)
  • tsx (aliased as typescriptreact)
  • coffeescript (aliased as coffee)
  • sql
  • json
  • yaml
  • graphql
  • xml
  • python

Release Notes

[0.0.2] - 2022-03-13

  • Doc tweaks

[0.0.1] - 2022-03-11

  • Alpha release

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