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A Python cli REPL client for Google Cloud Spanner.

Project description


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A Terminal Client for Google Cloud Spanner with Completion and Syntax Highlighting.

Quick Start

pip3 install -U --user spanner-cli

or, for the latest develop version

pip3 install -U --user git+


Usage: spanner-cli [OPTIONS]

  A Google Cloud Spanner terminal client with auto-completion and syntax

  -p, --project TEXT     Google Cloud Platform Project for spanner.
                         ${GCP_PROJECT}  [required]
  -i, --instance TEXT    Google Cloud Spanner instance to connect.
                         ${SPANNER_INSTANCE_ID}  [required]
  -d, --database TEXT    Google Cloud Spanner Database to connect.
                         ${SPANNER_DATABASE}  [required]
  -c, --credential PATH  path to credential file for Google Cloud Platform.
  --pager / --no-pager   use ${PAGER} (default LESS) to print output.
                         [default: False]
  -e, --execute TEXT     Execute command and quit.
  -v, --version          show version.
  --debug                Debug mode.
  --help                 Show this message and exit.
> help
| Command(abbr)  | Shortcut and Usage    | Description                                  |
| use            | \u                    | Change to a new database.                    |
| SHOW TABLES    | \lt                   | List tables.                                 |
| DESCRIBE       | \dt[+], desc [table]  | Describe table.                              |
| SHOW INDEX     |                       | Show Index (from Table).                     |
| SHOW DATABASES | \l                    | List databases in current instance.          |
| browse         |                       | Open Google Spanner console in your browser. |
| help           | \?                    | Show this help.                              |
| exit           | \q                    | Exit.                                        |

And, you can also edit query with readline's keybindings. see


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