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Support for using Sphinx on Luadoc-documented Lua code

Project description

A lua-autodoc tool for Sphinx. Generate a beautiful sphinx doc using lua doc comment.

It use emmylua as primary doc syntax but it is also compatible with some ldoc tags.


$ pip install sphinx-lua


  • Jinja2 (to render rst template)

  • luadoc (to parse lua comments)

  • sphinxcontrib-luadomain (to add lua domain to sphinx)

Sphinx integration

Add the following to your

extensions = [

# Available options and default values
lua_source_path = ["./"]
lua_source_encoding = 'utf8'
lua_source_comment_prefix = '---'
lua_source_use_emmy_lua_syntax = True
lua_source_private_prefix = '_'

The lua_source_path configuration value tells to sphinx-lua where to find lua source code.

With above configuration, if main.lua is located in ../src/lua/main.lua, and it’s content is:

--- Define a car.
--- @class MyOrg.Car
local cls = class()

--- @param foo number
function cls:test(foo)

You can autodoc it in sphinx with the following directive:

.. lua:autoclass:: MyOrg.Car


Sphinx-lua use the documentation model extracted from luadoc (

So you can print this model out using the command line tool:

$ luadoc ../src/lua/my_problematic_source_file.lua

Available sphinx directives

The following directives are available:

.. lua:autoclass:: pl.List

.. lua:automodule:: pl.stringx

.. lua:autoclasssummary:: ^pl.

You can also use directive provided by sphinxcontrib.luadomain:

Showing original source code

You can display method source code appending the flag show-source:

.. lua:autoclass:: pl.List

Showing private members

By default, private members are hidden. You can display them by using the flag private-members:

.. lua:autoclass:: pl.List

Project details

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