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Create image galleries with Sphinx

Project description

Create image galleries with Sphinx. No external JS dependency.


If you’re using a virtualenv, just:

pip install sphinx-galleria


Add ‘sphinx_galleria’ in the list of extensions in your source.conf file.

Just use the galleria directive like this:

.. galleria:: imagefile1 imagefile2  images*.jpg
   :galleria: (optional) Name of gallery - node level
   :alt: (optional) A long description - image level
   :title: (optional) Title of image - image level
   :thumbsize: (optional) Image size (defaults to "100x100") - image level
   :width: Width of image (in pixel or percentage or with unit, default auto) - node level
   :height: (optional) Height of image (in pixel or with unit) - node level
   :align: Align to 'right', 'left' or 'center' (default to center) - node level
   :hide_title: Flag - hide title under image (not in dialog) - image level
   :hide_alt: Flag - hide alternative text under image - image level
   :no_transition: Flag - avoid transition effect - node level
   :timer: (optional) Go to next image each timer seconds
   :class: (optional) HTML class for gallery - node level

Image level options are same for all images defined by the directive. If you need separated descriptions and titles, just use the directive several times with the same galleria name. In this case, node level options must be defined only once.

Thumbnail size is in “WIDTHxHEIGHT” format, resulting image keeps ratio. Be careful with tumbnail size, the browser loads all thumbnails of a gallery when loading the page. It can take some time with really big galleries.

The first image of a gallery is displayed if javascript is not available on the browser.


sphinx-galleria is under EUPL-1.2.

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