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Sphinx "astah" extension; embed diagram by using astah

Project description


This package contains the astah Sphinx extension.

This extension enable you to embed diagrams by astah . Following code is sample:

.. image:: [filename]

.. astah-image:: [filename]

.. astah-figure:: [filename]

   caption of figure



$ pip install sphinxcontrib-astah

This extension uses astah from commandline. You need to setup astah and Java package.

Configure Sphinx

Add sphinxcontrib.astah to extensions at

extensions += ['sphinxcontrib.astah']

And set your API key to astah_command_path:

astah_command_path = '/path/to/'


.. image:: [filename], .. figure:: [filename]

With this extension, image and figure directives can embed astah image to documents. At the same time, the directives accept sheet parameter through :option: option.


.. image:: my-diagram.asta

.. figure:: my-diagram.asta


.. image:: my-diagram.asta
   :option: sheet=class-diagram

.. astah-image:: [filename]

This directive insert a diagram into the document. If your diagram has multiple sheets, specify sheetid after #.


.. astah-image:: my-diagram.asta

.. astah-image:: my-diagram.asta#class-diagram

Options are same as image directive .

.. astah-figure:: [filename]

This directive insert a diagram and its caption into the document.


.. astah-figure:: my-diagram.asta

   Structure of this system

Options are same as figure directive .

Configuration Options


path to (or astah-command.bat)

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