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Sphinx Extension to include files using HTML5 embedding

Project description


Sphinx Extension to add the drawio-html directive to include diagrams into the generated HTML documentation.

Important: This is an alpha extension and as such may not work or fit your needs 100%. See the KNOWN ISSUES SECTION.


  1. python3 -m pip install sphinxcontrib-drawio-html or use pipenv
  2. In your sphinx config:
extensions = [


At this time no options in are supported.


.. drawio-html:: example.drawio
    :page: class-diagram


known issues

  1. This extension is tested using read-the-docs theme only. It uses jQuery and font-awesome that comes with rtd theme, and without the theme, it will not likely work.
  2. Only HTML translators are created, which means Latex and PDF support will not likely work. PDF and other builders are not tried at all.
  3. Custom styleoverrides are working intermittently. Some with HTML/CSS expertise might help in troubleshooting why not.

Wish list

  1. Provide defaults in the for expanded, hide-nav and force-name so that, a site can decide their basic way of showing the files. Currently it has to be done at each file.
  2. Change the content area to accept some rst per page in the diagram so that it can interspread easily with in the diagrams. Presentation can also be changed to show the diagrams and content for that section. Only option for now is the add multiple directives.
    .. drawio-html:: example.drawio
            lorum ipsum dorum
            nice orderly work.
  3. Add some tests. Do not even know how other sphinx extensions are tested.
  4. Full screen display of the diagrams.
  5. Provided notes can be added per diagram, provide a layout option to place notes on the right or bottom.

Do file issues if you see something, or better yet open a pull request :-)


  1. This is inspired by the work done by here:
  2. HTML/CSS experise is generously provided by

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