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HTSQL extension for Sphinx

Project description


sphinxcontrib-htsql is an extension for embedding HTSQL queries in Sphinx documents.

You can see this extension in action at For more examples, see demo directory in the source distribution.

This software is written by Kirill Simonov (Prometheus Research, LLC) and released under BSD license.


To enable this extension, add the following line to


You also need to specify the address of the HTSQL service:

htsql_root = ''

Now you can add HTSQL queries to any Sphinx document using htsql directive:

.. htsql:: /school?campus='old'

This directive executes the query and inserts a composite block consisting of the query string and the query output in tabular form.

If a query spans many lines, it could be written within the directive body:

.. htsql::

   /school.define(num_dept := count(department))
          {code, num_dept}?num_dept>3

If you want to display one query with the output of another query, use output option. It is useful for describing destructive operations, not-yet-implemented features or escaping rules. You need to quote whitespace and special characters manually:

.. htsql:: /school?campus='north'
   :output: /school?campus='south'

Normally, the htsql directive expects the query to be valid. Use error option to indicate that the query is invalid and you want to show the error message:

.. htsql:: /school{code, title}

Normally, the query is rendered with a link leading to the HTSQL service. Use no-link option to disable this feature:

.. htsql:: /school?exists(department)

Use no-output option to render the query, but not the output:

.. htsql:: /school[ns]

Use no-input option to render the query output, but not the query itself:

.. htsql:: /school[ns]

Normally, query output is rendered as a table. Use option raw to render the output unformatted:

.. htsql:: /school[ns]/:json

Use cut option to truncate the query output up to the given number of lines. This option works both with tabular and raw output:

.. htsql:: /school
   :cut: 3




Specifies the address of the HTSQL service.

This directive overrides the htsql_root configuration parameter for the rest of the current document.

This directive has no body and no options.


Inserts output of an HTSQL query.

The query could be specified as the parameter of the directive or (for multi-line queries) as the directive content.

This directive is rendered as a composite block with two entries:

  • A literal block with the query string and a link to the HTSQL service.

  • A table with the query output.



A query to use as a source for the output block.


Accept invalid queries and render the error message in the output block.


Do not link the query block to the HTSQL service.


Do not render the query block.


Do not render the output block.


Render the output unformatted.


Truncate the output to the given number of lines.

Configuration parameters


The address of HTSQL service.

CSS classes


Wraps the output of htsql directive.


Wraps the query block.


Wraps the output block.


Wraps a link to the HTSQL service.


Wraps an arrow symbol with a link to the HTSQL service.

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