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Sphinx lilypond extension

Project description

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This plugin implements a lily role and directive to include Music score formatted by Lilypond.


  • 2017-xx SVG format is waiting a cropping solution

  • 2017-11 Cleanup for Python 3



Using pip:

pip install sphinxcontrib-lilypond


  • A lily role to include a standalone music markup. For example, a G clef can be inserted by:

    :lily:`\musicglyph #"clefs.G"`

    The purpose of the ‘lily’ role is writing music comments or learning notes. So only one markup is allowed.

  • A lily directive to include a score, for example:

    .. lily::
       \relative c'' {
         c4 a d c


The lilypond_fontsize variable can be used to set the font size:

lilypond_fontsize = [6, -3]
  • The first value is for lily role setting in absolute font size.

  • The second value is for lily directive setting in relative font size.

Default settings:

lilypond_preamble = ''
lilypond_fontsize = [10, -3]
lilypond_command = 'lilypond'
lilypond_args = []

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