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Sphinx mocking autodoc extension

Project description

Mock imports for build docs without install packages in environment.

This extension add :mockimport: and :mocktype: for standard automodule derictive from autodoc.

Main goal of extension is to solve task defined on question.


pip install sphinxcontrib-mockautodoc


Add mockautodoc to extensions list:

extenstion = ['sphinxcontrib.mockautodoc', ]

The extension add two options to standard automodule:

  • :mockimport: list of name spaces to mock separated by ‘,’.

  • :mocktype: list of objects which must be mock as type object

    for right way subclass them in sources, separated by ‘,’.

If you have module for documenting:

from twisted.internet import protocol, defer

def my_func():
    """my function"""

class MyProtocol(protocol.Protocol):
    """my protocol"""

And twisted not installed you can document module like that:

.. automodule:: package
    :mockimport: twisted
    :mocktype: protocol.Protocol

Where on :mockimport: will be mocked all twisted.* imports in automodule building context. And :mocktype: means which instances must be object types to successful subclass them without loss target documentation.

mockatudoc settings may be defined on and all automodule directives with present :mockimport: will be mocked. Where data on mockatodoc settings will be summed with :mockimport: and :mocktype: options:

mockautodoc = {
    'mockimport': ['twisted',],
    'mocktype': ['protocol.Protocol'],

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