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Sphinx extension for directives mentioned in amsthm (theorem, example, exercise,...) and more

Project description


Possibly since this Sphinx 3.3 automatic numbering of this Sphinx extension, and :numref:, does not work any more.

Alternative: Sphinx-proof.

Description of the Theorem Sphinx Extension

This Sphinx extension adds directives mentioned in the LaTeX amsthm package: theorem, example, exercise,…and more.

Sphinx has no directive that would well fit such items.

For LaTeX these are translated to \begin{theorem}{title} and so on.




Roland Puntaier


BSD License

Git Repository:

PyPI Package:

Prerequisites and Configuration

To install, use:

pip install sphinxcontrib-thm

To install directly from github:

git clone
cd sphinxcontrib-thm
#don't use install here! It would produce a second sphinxcontrib folder
python sdist
pip install --user dist/sphinxcontrib-thm*tar.gz


pip install --user git+

For LaTeX output, amsthm (or ntheorem) is needed. For the example in the test folder also unicode-math is needed.

For HTML output, sphinx.ext.mathjax should be in

You have to load the extension in

extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.thm',``sphinx.ext.mathjax``,...]


The extension adds

  • several directives mentioned in amsthm:

    .. theorem:: title
    .. lemma:: title
    .. corollary:: title
    .. proposition:: title
    .. conjecture:: title
    .. criterion:: title
    .. assertion:: title
    .. definition:: title
    .. condition:: title
    .. problem:: title
    .. example:: title
    .. exercise:: title
    .. algorithm:: title
    .. question:: title
    .. axiom:: title
    .. property:: title
    .. assumption:: title
    .. hypothesis:: title
    .. remark:: title
    .. notation:: title
    .. claim:: title
    .. summary:: title
    .. acknowledgment:: title
    .. case:: title
    .. conclusion:: title
    .. proof:: title

    For LaTeX, you need to separately define these in via \newtheorem in the LaTeX preamble. See below.

    While .. note:: and others use \begin{sphinxadmonition}{title}, these directives are translated to \begin{theorem}{title} and so on.

  • environment directive:

    .. environment:: instruction
        :name: Instruction
        :html_title: title used by html builder
        :latex_title: title used by LaTeX builder

    You can also use :title: if both :html_title: and :latex_title: should to be the same. Replace instruction. It is a mandatory argument. In LaTeX you must have newtheorem{instruction}{Instruction}, unless it is an available LaTeX environment, like equation.

  • textcolor directive and role:

    .. textcolor:: #00FF00
            This text is green
    :textcolor:`<#FF0000> this text is red`.

    Roles are not recursive. Rolse can only contain text, not other nodes. Directives are recursive, though.

  • align directive:

    .. align:: center
    .. align:: left
    .. align:: flushleft
    .. align:: right
    .. align:: flushright

    Each of them has a separate numbering.

For refs use the normal sphinx refs like:

.. _`theorem1`:

.. theorem:: title

Text here: By using backticks one can find the matching parts more easily in the editor.

See `theorem1`_.

In HTML one needs to provide formatting via css. This can be done using

Here is an example

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