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Sphinx Extension that creates responsive images.

Project description


Photofinish is a sphinx extension for creating responsive images to your Sphinx site. This has several benefits:

  • Lower bandwidth cost for browsers and devices that don't need the higher resolution version
  • Higher resolution images for higher resolution devices

Photofinish can dramatically increase the loading time of your Sphinx website.


python -m pip install sphinxext-photofinish


Just add sphinxext-photofinish to your extensions list in your

extensions = [


Photofinish adds several options that you can optionally configure:

max_viewport_width - This is maximum "viewable" size of images in your documentation. Typically, it's set to the width of your body. Responsive images are generated up to double of this value. Default is 1000.

width_min - Minimum width of images to generate. Default is 500.

width_step - The resolution to iterate over for generating images. EX: 500, 800, 1100. Default is 300.

photofinish_ci_only - Should this extension only run if the CI environment variable is set? Default is False.

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sphinxext-photofinish-0.1.9.tar.gz (11.6 kB view hashes)

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