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A utility for generating Flask scaffolding and boilerplate.

Project description


A utility for generating Flask scaffolding and boilerplate. Very early stage. The aim is to be simple: no YAML or configuration files, just pass along a few arguments.

spill foo -b api main -m user group --db-type sqlite --db-orm sqlalchemy


    |-- .gitignore
    |-- /app
        |-- /api
        |-- /main
    |-- /templates


usage: spill [-h] [-b BLUEPRINTS [BLUEPRINTS ...]] [-m MODELS [MODELS ...]]
             [--db-type [{sqlite,mysql,mongodb}]]
             [--db-orm [{sqlalchemy,mongoengine}]] [--no-forms]

Creates scaffolding and boilerplate for a Flask application.

positional arguments:
  project               Name of Flask project to spill. If no project
                        specified, will assume CWD is the project directory.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        A list of blueprints to create (Defaults: 'main' and
  -m MODELS [MODELS ...], --models MODELS [MODELS ...]
                        A list of model objects
  --db-type [{sqlite,mysql,mongodb}]
                        The type of database you will use
  --db-orm [{sqlalchemy,mongoengine}]
                        The ORM you will use
  --no-forms            No Flask-WTF forms
  --no-templates        No Jinja2 templates

Currently built with/for Python 2.7.


pip install spill

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