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Spiny will run your Python tests under multiple versions of Python

Project description


Spiny Norman is a Hedgehog.

It’s also a package that will run your Python tests under multiple versions of Python. It’s currently Alpha software, and just a test.

“Hey hang on!” I hear you say, “There’s already Tox!” And you are right. Spiny is my attempt to make a replacement for Tox that is less complex, and fixes a couple of problems with Tox.

Most notably, with Spiny, Python does not have to be on the path, it can install versions of Python other than the one your installed version of virtualenv happens to support, and it does not always call

Command line parameters

usage: spiny [-h] [–config <filename>] [<configvar> [<configvar> …]]

Run tests under several Python versions

positional arguments:
<configvar> Override a config variable by “section:variable=value”

Example: “spiny:venv_dir=.venv”

optional arguments:
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--config <filename>, -c <filename>

The config file to use. If not given it will look first for spiny.cfg and if that not exists it will use setup.cfg.

Configuration files

The configuration file for Spiny is by default called Here is an example config, typically called spiny.cfg:

environments = python2.7

venv_dir = .venv

test_commands = {python} test

All options are optional. If no environment list is found, the “Programming Language :: Python :: <version>” classifiers from will be used.

You can have several lines of commands in test_commands.

You can also set up a personal custom config in ~/.config/spiny.cfg:

python2.6 = /pythons/python26/bin/python
python2.7 = /pythons/python27/bin/python
python3.3 = /pythons/python33/bin/python3
python3.4 = /pythons/python34/bin/python3

The above is an example of how to configure which Pythons you want to use. If you don’t configure this, they have to be on the PATH.

You can in fact also add the [pythons] section in your projects spiny.cfg, but the usecase for that is very limited. Possibly if you are using custom Pythons in your project. You can also add a [spiny] section to your personal spiny.cfg, but that is not likely to be useful.


Things that desperately needs doing:

  • Run it under Python 3, PyPy, IronPython, Jython.

  • Add more logging (and a verbose parameter)

  • Make the tests run under itself

  • Makre tests run in parallell


0.2 (2014-10-27)

  • Now prints a summary in the end.

  • Regard more virtualenv tests as failures.

  • Return 1 if not all tests succeeded.

  • Fall back to setup.cfg is there is no spiny config file.

  • Renamed spiny.conf to spiny.cfg for consistency.

  • Made the configuration file optional.

  • Spiny will now grep for Python version classifiers if no environment configuration is found.

  • If both Python X and Python X.Y is given as environments, it will skip the tests for Python X, seeing as it is fulfilled by Python X.Y.

  • The version specified in the [pythons] section now have preference.

  • Setting a config option from the command line now works even if the section doesn’t exist.

  • Spiny will now attempt to extract the test requirements and install them into the virtualenv before running the tests, to avoid polluting the project directory with .egg directories.

0.1.1 (2014-10-18)

  • Initial release

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