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Split one media file into many based on a list of offsets

Project description

A tool that takes a media file and a list file with offsets and processes the list file to split the media file up into pieces using ffmpeg.


Example usage:

$ splitmedia media.file list.txt output_path


Splitting the Quake soundtrack:

$ splitmedia "Quake Soundtrack.m4a" list_file.quake quake_output
OFF 000:00:00.000 DUR 000308.000 01_QuakeTheme.m4a
OFF 000:05:08.000 DUR 000146.000 02_Aftermath.m4a
OFF 000:07:34.000 DUR 000500.000 03_TheHallofSouls.m4a
OFF 000:15:54.000 DUR 000366.000 04_ItisRaed.m4a
OFF 000:22:00.000 DUR 000444.000 05_ParallelDimensions.m4a
OFF 000:29:24.000 DUR 000519.000 06_Life.m4a
OFF 000:38:03.000 DUR 000336.000 07_Damation.m4a
OFF 000:43:39.000 DUR 000388.000 08_Focus.m4a
OFF 000:50:07.000 DUR 000213.000 09_Falling.m4a
OFF 000:53:40.000 DUR 000315.000 10_TheReaction.m4a


List File Example

Also provided as list_file.formats in the project:

0:00:00.123 filepart1
0:03:10     filepart2
0:09:20     filepart3
1300        filepart4
1345.456    filepart5
1347        filepart6

List File Notes

  • Offsets can be integers or full time specifications

  • Seconds can be decimals

  • Can have hash-prefixed comments

  • Can have empty lines (for organization)

  • The filenames will be sanitized (innappropriate characters removed) automatically

Command Line

Command line help:

usage: splitmedia [-h] media_filepath list_filepath output_path

Split the media file into multiple parts by times

positional arguments:
  media_filepath  File-path of the media file
  list_filepath   File-path of the list
  output_path     Output path

optional arguments:
  -h, --help      show this help message and exit

Project details

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splitmedia-0.2.1.tar.gz (3.5 kB view hashes)

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