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A Python implementation of the REST API.

Project description


A Python implementation of the REST API.

splitsio currently supports read-only access. To upload runs, use the REST API directly.

Requires Python 3.7 or greater.

To install: pip3 install splitsio

Then to access the main data types in Python:

from splitsio import *



Get information about a game

>>> sms = Game.from_id('sms')
>>> sms
Game(id='15', name='Super Mario Sunshine', shortname='sms')
>>> sms.created_at

NOTE: for games, the identifier for querying is the shortname (here 'sms'), not the numerical id.

Get all games in the database

>>> games = Game.all()  # this can take a minute or so
>>> len(games)
>>> games[0]
Game(id='2206', name='007: Agent Under Fire', shortname='auf')

Search games by name/keyword

>>> mario_games ='mario')
>>> len(mario_games)
>>> mario_games[0]
Game(id='2524', name='Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3', shortname='sma4')


Get the speedrun categories for a game

>>> oot = Game.from_id('oot')
>>> oot.categories[0]
Category(id='86832', name='No ACE')

Get category from id

>>> no_ace = Category.from_id('86832')
>>> no_ace
Category(id='86832', name='No ACE')


Get runners for a game or category

>>> oot_runners = Game.from_id('oot').runners()
>>> len(oot_runners)
>>> oot_runners[0]
Runner(id='35', twitch_id='31809791', twitch_name='cma2819', display_name='cma2819', name='cma2819')
>>> no_ace_runners = Category.from_id('86832').runners()
>>> no_ace_runners[0]
Runner(id='32189', twitch_id='63370787', twitch_name='bigmikey_', display_name='bigmikey_', name='bigmikey_')

Get runner from id

>>> bigmikey = Runner.from_id('bigmikey_')
>>> bigmikey
Runner(id='32189', twitch_id='63370787', twitch_name='bigmikey_', display_name='bigmikey_', name='bigmikey_')

NOTE: for runners, the identifier for querying is the name all lowercased (here 'bigmikey_'), not the numerical id.


Get runs for a game, category, or runner

>>> oot_runs = Game.from_id('oot').runs()
>>> run = oot_runs[0]
>>> run.realtime_duration_ms
>>> run.program
>>> run.attempts
>>> len(Category.from_id('86832').runs())
>>> len(Runner.from_id('bigmikey_').runs())

Get attempt histories for a run and its segments

>>> run = Game.from_id('oot').runs()[0]
>>> run = Run.from_id(, historic = True)
>>> len(run.histories)
>>> run.histories[1]
History(attempt_number=89, realtime_duration_ms=1507300, gametime_duration_ms=None, started_at='2020-03-10T20:06:08.000Z', ended_at='2020-03-10T20:31:15.000Z')
>>> run.segments[0].name
'Sword Get'
>>> len(run.segments[0].histories)
>>> run.segments[0].histories[0]
History(attempt_number=2, realtime_duration_ms=271832, gametime_duration_ms=0, started_at=None, ended_at=None)

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