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scrapes spotify starting from an artist id, stores in sqlite

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Scrapes Spotify and dumps data to a sqlite3 database.

  • Uses requests to make queries, with pythonic user-agent
  • sleeps randomly between each HTTP call
  • is NOT in a hurry to get anywhere
  • has nice 80's cli interface


$ pip install spotiflite

then go somewhere and setup a database:

$ spotiflite setup

you can also specify the db filename:

$ spotiflite --spotifydb=this/awesome/db setup


For example scrape Frank ෴ Zappa

$ spotiflite scrape 6ra4GIOgCZQZMOaUECftGN 
got 44 artist ids
extracted data for Tom Waits
saved data for Tom Waits
got 8 artist ids
extracted data for Elmer Snowden
saved data for Elmer Snowden
got 6 artist ids
extracted data for Wesley Willis
saved data for Wesley Willis

while its running you can get stats in another window

$ spotiflite stats 
rows: 9882
completed: 1395
jobs to do: 8487
DB size: 48.04 MB

Cli usage


  -db, --spotifydb TEXT  sqlite filename [default: spotify.db]
  --help                 Show this message and exit.

  scrape    starts scraping from given artist id
  setup     creates tables
  stats     print out db stats
  teardown  deletes tables

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