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An API library for the spotify client and the Spotify Web API written in Python. is 100% asyncronous meaning everything down to the HTTP library is designed to work with asyncio.<br>The library offers coverage over every endpoint in the Spotify web API.<br><br>As of v0.1.5 it is possible to use in a syncronous manner. No await/async syntax required! To do this simply use

import spotify.sync as spotify # and now no methods require the async/await syntax.

## Examples

Web API examples

drakes top tracks
client = spotify.Client('someid', 'sometoken')

async def example():
drake = await client.get_artist('3TVXtAsR1Inumwj472S9r4')

for track in await drake.top_tracks():

backing up playlists
import json
import time

client = spotify.Client('someid', 'sometoken')

async def backup():
user = await client.user_from_token('sometoken')
backup_data = []

for playlist in await user.get_playlists():
backup_data.append({'metadata': [, playlist.public, playlist.collaborative, playlist.description], 'tracks': []})
for track in await playlist.get_tracks():

with open('spotify_playlists_%s_%s.json' % (, int(time.time())), 'w') as file:
json.dump(backup_data, file)

## Resources

For resources look at the [examples]( or ask in the [discord](

## Installing

To install the library simply clone it and run
- `git clone`
- `python3 install`

or use pypi

- `pip3 install spotify`
- `pip3 install -U git+`

## Contributing
To contribute you must:
- have a presence in the [discord]( server
- fork and open a PR with changes.

> is in beta, there may be bugs.

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