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Extract Images from Microsoft Spotlight Project(Windows X only)

Project description


Now get a hold on the beautiful lock screen wallpapers displayed under the spotlight project for windows 10.Use this tool to either store the cached images in a folder you specify, or get their PIL.Image.Image object to transform them the way you like.


Install using

pip install spotlightpy


Windows X operating system is must for executing this module. All the methods reside in “spotlight” submodule of spotlightpy.Firstly, import spotlight

>>> from spotlightpy import spotlight

The spotlight module has two methods.

  1. getimages :

    getimages(None) –: List(PIL.Image.Image)

    this method returns a list of PIL.Image.Image objects of the cached images with each object representing a spotlight image of resolution 1920*1080.

    >>> spotlight.getimages()
    [<PIL.JpegImagePlugin.JpegImageFile image mode=RGB size=1920x1080 at 0x34305F0>, <PIL.JpegImagePlugin.JpegImageFile image mode=RGB size=1920x1080 at 0x3430F70>, <PIL.JpegImagePlugin.JpegImageFile image mode=RGB size=1920x1080 at 0x1518030>, ...]
  2. storeimages(destination_path = “C:\spotlight”)

    Store the spotlight images from your PC to the path specified by the argument.If no path is provided then a new folder at “C:\spotlight” is constructed and images are stored there.If the given argument does not represent any existing folder then a new folder is created to stores images.If given string does not qualify as valid path for even a new folder or a file already exists with same absolute path, then “ValueError” will be raised.

    >>> spotlight.storeimages("C:\\MySpotlightImages")

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