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spreadscript: Use a spreadsheet as a function.

Project description

# SpreadScript: Use a spreadsheet as a function This project provides a way to use spreadsheets from the command line or from Python programs.

The inputs and outputs are defined by two tables in a new sheet named “Interface”. SpreadScript will read the input variables from column B and the values from column C. Likewise, the output variables are read from column E and their values from column F. In both cases, the variables are read from row 4 onward until an empty cell is encountered.

## Installation Prerequisites:

apt install python3-uno

Via [PyPI](

pip3 install spreadscript

From source:

git clone cd spreadscript pip3 install .

## Usage Suppose we have the following table.

![Example table.](data/example_table.png)

If we want to define a and b as input variables and total as the output variable, we first add a new sheet named “Interface”.

![Example interface.](data/example_interface.png)

In this sheet we put the input variables in column B and the values in column C. The value of C4 is =$Sheet1.C3, that of C5 is =$Sheet1.C4.

Likewise, the output variables are put in column E and the values in column F. In this example, the value in F4 is =$Sheet1.C8.

### Command line interface With the command line interface, the input and output table can be read.

$ spreadscript read_input data/test.ods {“b”: 2.0, “a”: 1.0}

$ spreadscript read_output data/test.ods {“total”: 15.0}

To manipulate the input, use the process subcommand:

$ spreadscript process data/test.ods ‘{“b”: 12.0}’ {“total”: 25.0}

### Library First import the SpreadScript class and load a spreadsheet.

`python >>> from spreadscript import SpreadScript >>> >>> spreadsheet = SpreadScript('data/test.ods') `

The input variables can be read with the read_input method.

`python >>> spreadsheet.read_input() {'b': 2.0, 'a': 1.0} `

The read_output method returns all output variables.

`python >>> spreadsheet.read_output() {'total': 15.0} `

The write_input method is used to update any variables.

`python >>> spreadsheet.write_input({'b': 4.0}) >>> spreadsheet.read_output() {'total': 17.0} `

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