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Record performance metrics about your application

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Adjust counter and timer metrics in StatsD using the same API.

The mix-in is configured through the tornado.web.Application settings property using a key defined by the specific mix-in.


Statsd Mixin

The following snippet configures the StatsD mix-in from common environment variables. This simple handler will emit a timer metric that identifies each call to the get method as well as a separate metric for the database query.

import os

from sprockets.mixins import mediatype
from sprockets.mixins.metrics import statsd
from tornado import web
import queries

def make_application():
    application = web.Application([
        web.url(r'/', MyHandler),
    ], **settings)

    statsd.install({'namespace': 'my-application',
                    'host': os.environ.get('STATSD_HOST', ''),
                    'port': os.environ.get('STATSD_PORT', '8125')})
    return application

class MyHandler(statsd.StatsdMixin,

    def initialize(self):
        super(MyHandler, self).initialize()
        self.db = queries.TornadoSession(os.environ['MY_PGSQL_DSN'])

    async def get(self, obj_id):
        with self.execution_timer('dbquery', 'get'):
           result = await self.db.query('SELECT * FROM foo WHERE id=%s',



The namespace for the measurements


The Statsd host


The Statsd port


Optional flag to prepend bucket path with the StatsD metric type

Development Quickstart

$ python3.4 -mvenv env
$ . ./env/bin/activate
(env)$ env/bin/pip install -r requires/development.txt
(env)$ nosetests
test_metrics_with_buffer_not_flush (tests.InfluxDbTests) ... ok
test_that_cached_db_connection_is_used (tests.InfluxDbTests) ... ok
test_that_counter_is_tracked (tests.InfluxDbTests) ... ok
test_that_execution_timer_is_tracked (tests.InfluxDbTests) ... ok
test_that_http_method_call_details_are_recorded (tests.InfluxDbTests) ... ok
test_that_metric_tag_is_tracked (tests.InfluxDbTests) ... ok
test_that_add_metric_tag_is_ignored (tests.StatsdMethodTimingTests) ... ok
test_that_cached_socket_is_used (tests.StatsdMethodTimingTests) ... ok
test_that_counter_accepts_increment_value (tests.StatsdMethodTimingTests) ... ok
test_that_counter_increment_defaults_to_one (tests.StatsdMethodTimingTests) ... ok
test_that_default_prefix_is_stored (tests.StatsdMethodTimingTests) ... ok
test_that_execution_timer_records_time_spent (tests.StatsdMethodTimingTests) ... ok
test_that_http_method_call_is_recorded (tests.StatsdMethodTimingTests) ... ok

Ran 13 tests in 3.572s

(env)$ ./ build_sphinx -q
running build_sphinx
(env)$ open build/sphinx/html/index.html

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