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Python DB-API and SQLAlchemy interface for GraphQL APIs.

Project description

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A Python DB API 2.0 for GraphQL APIs

This module allows you to query GraphQL APIs using SQL.

SQLAlchemy support

This module provides a SQLAlchemy dialect.

from sqlalchemy.engine import create_engine

engine = create_engine('graphql://host:port/path?is_https=0')

Example Usage

from sqlalchemy import create_engine
from sqlalchemy import text

# We use GraphQL SWAPI (The Star Wars API) c/o Netlify:
engine = create_engine('graphql://')

with engine.connect() as connection:
    # Demonstration of requesting nested resource of homeworld
    # and then selecting fields from it
    for row in connection.execute(text("select name, homeworld__name from 'allPeople?include=homeworld'")):


I was having issues with apsw-3.9.2.post1 (the newest version of apsw that would install for me from PyPI) and ended up needing to follow the instructions here to build / install apsw from source. There is an open ticket on the APSW project to provide newer wheels. The issue might be triggered if the table name needs escaping and the error looked like:

SystemError: <method 'execute' of 'apsw.Cursor' objects> returned NULL without setting an exception


  • Non-Connections top level
  • Path traversal (basic)
  • Path traversal (basic + nested)
  • Path traversal (list / connection)
  • Bearer Tokens in Authorization Header
  • Advanced Auth (e.g. with token refresh)
  • Passing Headers (e.g. Auth in other locations)
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Relay Pagination

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