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Core library for database querying tools based on templates

Project description


Database query tool based on SQL templates

Development status

  • Alpha
  • API may be radically changed until first Beta release
  • Not tested automatically yet


  • 0.6 - drop django-sqltemplate compatibility layer
  • 0.7 - automated tests, first beta release
  • 0.8 - stable API
  • 0.9,<1.0 - minor improvements without API changes, bugfixes
  • 1.0 - first stable release


SQL is a great and poweruful DSL, which is easeier in maintenance when you're working on complext queries (i.e. reporting queries). But the main problem of raw SQL is a commonly used "spaghetti" anti-pattern, when you're embedding/building SQLs directly in your code.

The solution comes from templating SQLs idea and sqltemplate is a simple implementation of it.

Template system / database agnostic

The sqltemplate provides an abstraction layer for templating SQL queries and working with query results. It requires an adapter to work.

For example - if you want to use sqltemplate together with Django templates and database management, use django-sqltemplate adapter directly.

Backward compatibilty with django-template

The 0.5.x branch contains a compatibility layer with django-template. The layer provides Django adapter and necessary imports.

Building an adapter

Adapter must implement few callables required by sqltemplate core. The adapter may be as a class instance or pure Python module providing such functions. These functions are defined as:


Must load template by name and return some kind of template object, which will be passed to render_template() as an argument.


Creates template object from provided string.

render_template(template, context)

Must render the template object using provided context (a dict).

do_query(sql, query_params, using=None)

Must execute a sql query with query_params applied.

Optional using argument specifies database connection identifier. This may be any object dependent on how your adapter recognizes particular connections. For Django adapter, for example, this is a string with a connection name.


  • sqlparse
  • flatdict



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sqltemplate-0.5.4.post1.tar.gz (8.5 kB view hashes)

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sqltemplate-0.5.4.post1-py3-none-any.whl (10.8 kB view hashes)

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