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Use SQL expressions to query Pandas DataFrames

Project description


Use SQL queries on Pandas DataFrames.

Are you comfortable with SQL but not Pandas? Or maybe you're comfortable with Pandas but not SQL? Well, this library allows querying of Pandas DataFrames using SQL syntax. Hopefully it will let you learn SQL if you already understand Pandas, or learn how Pandas DataFrames behave if you already know SQL.

Unlike pandasql, this package does not create a local sqlite3 data on the users computer and query from that. Rather, it converts SQL commands directly into pandas code.


Example usage:

>>> import sqltopandas
>>> spd = sqltopandas.SQLtoPD()
>>> df = pd.DataFrame(np.array([[1, 1, 3], [5, 5, 6], [7, 8, 9]]),columns=['a', 'b', 'c'])
>>> df
   a  b  c
0  1  1  3
1  5  5  6
2  7  8  9
>>> spd.parse(df, 'SELECT a, b FROM df')
   a  b
0  1  1
1  5  5
2  7  8

>>> spd.parse(df, """SELECT a, b FROM df
...                  WHERE a!=1; """)
   a  b
1  5  5
2  7  8

>>> spd.parse(df, """SELECT a, b, c FROM df;
... 		            ORDER BY a DESC;
...           		   LIMIT 2;""")
   a  b  c
2  7  8  9
1  5  5  6

>>> spd.parse(df, """SELECT COUNT(a) FROM df
...                  WHERE a=1 OR c=6; """)

Obvious edge cases

DataFrame column names, as well as DataFrame names, cannot be SQL keywords. For example, a column name with "SELECT" or "select" will throw an error.

Syntactical Rules

SQL tends to be quite lax with syntax. However, this library is not. Each SQL statement must end with a ;. If it does not, it will not be parsed correctly. For example, SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE; is one statement, as we define which columns and rows to select, which DataFrame to select them from. Think of each statement as being a complete mathematical expression. SELECT ... FROM ...; WHERE ...; is an incorrect statement because WHERE does not have a reference. This rules may change as the package is updated, so visit this page for the most updated documentation.


If you have read this far I hope you've found this tool useful. I am always looking to learn more and develop as a programmer, so if you have any ideas or contributions, feel free to write a feature or pull request.

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