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LSST Data Management SQuaRE code management tools

Project description

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# sqre-codekit

LSST DM SQuaRE misc. code management tools

## Installation

sqre-codekit runs on Python 3.6 or newer. You can install it with

pip install sqre-codekit

## Available commands

- `github-auth`: Generate a GitHub authentication token.
- `github-decimate-org`: Delete repos and/or teams from a GitHub organization.
- `github-fork-org`: Fork repositories from one GitHub organization to another.
- `github-get-ratelimit`: Display the current github ReST API request ratelimit.
- `github-list-repos`: List repositories on Github using various criteria.
- `github-mv-repos-to-team`: Move repo(s) from one team to another.
- `github-tag-release`: Tag git repositories, in a GitHub org, that correspond
to the products in a published eups distrib tag.
- `github-tag-teams`: Tag the head of the default branch of all repositories in
a GitHub org which belong to the specified team(s).

Use the `--help` flag with any command to learn more.

## Example usage

### `github-auth`

To generate a personal user token (you will be prompted for your password):

github-auth -u {{username}}

Or to generate a token with delete privileges:

github-auth -u {{username}} --delete-role

### `github-fork-org`

To clone all []( repos into an GitHub
organization called `{{username}}-shadow`:

github-fork-org \
--dry-run \
--debug \
--src-org 'lsst' \
--dst-org '{{username}}-shadow' \
--token "$GITHUB_TOKEN" \
--team 'DM Auxilliaries' \
--team 'DM Externals' \
--team 'Data Management' \


You'll need to create this shadow organization in advance. Working in a shadow
organization is useful for testing.

### `github-decimate-org`

If you want to take a recent fork, you will need to delete the existing shadow
repos first:

github-decimate-org \
--dry-run \
--debug \
--org 'example' \
--token "$GITHUB_TOKEN" \
--delete-repos \
--delete-repos-limit 3 \
--delete-teams \
--delete-teams-limit 3

That requires a token with delete privileges.

To get more debugging information, set your `DM_SQUARE_DEBUG` variable before
running any command, or use the `-d` debug flag on the command line.

### `github-tag-release`


### `github-tag-teams`


### `github-get-ratelimit`


## Development

To develop codekit, create a Python virtual environment, and

git clone
cd sqre-codekit
virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python develop

Note that all scripts (in `codekit/cli`) are installed using setuptools
`entry_points`. See ``.

### tests

Unit tests can be run with [pytest](

python test


pytest tests

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