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A python library by srb

Project description

# srblib

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**srblib** is an umberalla python library to hold my useful python scripts which can be used in other projects.

### Installation

#### Install using pip (Recommended)

- Use pip to install, user `--user` flag
python3 -m pip install --user srblib

#### Build from Source

- Clone the repository and checkout to stable commit
git clone
cd srblib
git checkout <latest_version say: v0.0.x>

- install requirements
python3 -m pip install --user -r requirements.txt
- Install srblib
python3 install --user
- Building Source Distribution
python3 sdist

### Classes Offered

- Colour - A class with color names and a static print function which prints coloured output to stderr
Colour.print(message,Colour.RED) # for foreground as red
Colour.print(message,Colour.FULLGREEN) # for background as green
Colour.print(message,Colour.FULLGREEN+Colour.RED) # for background as fullgreen and foreground as RED
- SrbBank - A class to store things for later use of a program. can act as a database
a = SrbBank('db_name') #say the db_name is your database name
a['hello'] = "world"
b = SrbBank('db2','password')
b['hello'] = "peeps"
a = SrbBank('db_name')
print(a['hello']) # 'world'
b = SrbBank('db2','password')
print(b['hello']) # 'peeps'
- SrbJson - A class to use json file more easily
a = SrbJson('json/path')
a['hello'] = 'world'
a = SrbJson('json/path')
print(a['hello']) # 'world'
- Tabular - A class to user tabular data and read write json,xlsx,csv files
a = Tabular('path/to/file') # can take files with extension as csv,json,xlsx
print(a) # prints table in tabular form
data = a.matrix # get data in form of list of lists i.e. matrix
json_data = a.json # get data in form of list of dictionaries i.e. json
print(a[1]['name']) # here name is the attribute used to name the columns
print(a[0]) # prints attributes
print(a[1]) # prints 1st row (0 based)
print(a['name']) # prints column with attribute 'name'

### Functions Offered

- abs_path - returns absolute path of a path given. works on windows as well as linux.
- get_os_name - returns OS name. values are windows, linux or mac
- is_installed - checks if the following application is installed on machine or not
- file_extension - returns back the extention of a file from filepath, may return '' if no ext
- file_name - returns filename from a filepath
- remove - removes a path recursively. it deletes all files and folders under that path
- verify_file - verify that a file exists. if not it will create one. also creates parents if needed
- verify_folder - verify that a folder exists. creates one if not there. also creates parents if needed

### Variables Offered

- debug - a boolean whose value can be changed in ~/.config/srblib/debug.json

### Contact / Social Media


### Development by

Developer / Author: [Srb Cheema](

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