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Modules for working with Valve's Source Engine file formats.

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Modules for working with Valve's Source Engine file formats, as well as a variety of tools using these.


Simply pip install srctools, you'll need Python 3.7+.

Core Modules:

  • math: Core vector, angles and matrix classes, with Cython accelerated versions.
  • cmdseq: Reads and writes Hammer's expert compile command list format.
  • filesys: Allows accessing VPKs, zips, folders etc using a unified interface, as well as a prioritised chain like the engine's game folder system.
  • logger: Wrappers around the logging module allowing str.format interpolation support, among others.
  • const: Various shared constants and enums.
  • tokenizer: Cython-accelerated tokenizer for parsing the various text files.
  • binformat: Some tools for handling binary file formats.

File formats:

  • keyvalues: Reads and writes KeyValues1 property trees.
  • dmx: Reads and writes DMX / KeyValues2 format files.
  • vmf: Reads and writes VMF map files.
  • bsp: Reads and writes compiled BSP maps files.
  • fgd: Reads and writes FGD entity definitions. A compressed database of definitions from most games is also included, from HammerAddons. Note that this parses a superset of the FGD format, including "tags" to allow specifying which entities and keyvalues are supported for different engine branches.
  • mdl: Reads some parts of compiled MDL/VTX/VVD/PHY models.
  • smd: Reads and writes SMD geometry data.
  • sndscript: Reads and writes soundscripts.
  • vmt: Reads and writes VMT material files.
  • vpk: Reads and writes VPK packages.
  • vtf: Reads and writes VTF images, including DXT compression.
  • particles: Reads and writes PCF particle systems.


  • game: Parses gameinfo.txt files, and handles accessing the searchpaths.
  • instancing: Implements logic for collapsing func_instance into maps.
  • packlist: Stores a list of files of various types, then computes dependencies recursively. This also includes a database of resources required by game code for different entity classes.
  • run: Code to run a compiler, logging the output as it executes while still storing it.

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