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Python wrappers for using BoostSRL jar files.

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Repository preview image: "srlearn. Python wrappers around BoostSRL with a scikit-learn-style interface. pip install srlearn."

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srlearn is a set of Python wrappers around BoostSRL with a scikit-learn interface.

Getting Started


  • Java 1.8

  • Python (3.6, 3.7)


pip install srlearn

Basic Usage

The general setup should be similar to scikit-learn. But there are a few extra requirements in terms of setting background knowledge and formatting the data.

A minimal working example (using the Toy-Cancer data set imported with ‘example_data’) is:

>>> from srlearn.rdn import BoostedRDN
>>> from srlearn import Background
>>> from srlearn import example_data
>>> bk = Background(
...     modes=example_data.train.modes,
...     use_std_logic_variables=True,
... )
>>> clf = BoostedRDN(
...     background=bk,
...     target='cancer',
... )
>>> clf.predict_proba(example_data.test)
array([0.88079619, 0.88079619, 0.88079619, 0.3075821 , 0.3075821 ])
>>> clf.classes_
array([1., 1., 1., 0., 0.])

example_data.train and example_data.test are each srlearn.Database objects, so this hides some of the complexity behind the scenes.

This example abstracts away some complexity in exchange for compactness. For more examples, see the Example Gallery.


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Versioning and Releases

We use SemVer for versioning. See Releases for stable versions that are available, or the Project Page on PyPi.

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