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Python SSDP library

Project description

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SSDPy is a lightweight implementation of SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol). It is designed for ease of use and high compatibility with the protocol in real-life use. It supports both the IETF and UPnP versions of the protocol. You can read the full documentation here.

Example usage

Send an SSDP discover packet (M-SEARCH):

>>> from ssdpy import SSDPClient
>>> client = SSDPClient()
>>> devices = client.m_search("ssdp:all")
>>> for device in devices:
...     print(device.get("usn"))

Send an SSDP NOTIFY packet, telling others about a service:

>>> from ssdpy import SSDPServer
>>> server = SSDPServer("my-service-identifier")
>>> server.notify()

Start an SSDP server which responds to relevant M-SEARCHes:

>>> from ssdpy import SSDPServer
>>> server = SSDPServer("my-service-identifier", device_type="my-device-type")
>>> server.serve_forever()

Then, from a client, M-SEARCH for our server:

>>> from ssdpy import SSDPClient
>>> client = SSDPClient()
>>> devices = client.m_search("my-device-type")
>>> for device in devices:
...     print(device.get("usn"))

CLI utilities

SSDPy comes with two CLI utilities:

  • ssdpy-server is a server that listens for M-SEARCHes and responds if they match its name.
  • ssdpy-discover sends an M-SEARCH query and collects all responses.

Release checklist

  • Update ssdpy/ with new version name.
  • Update
  • Commit the changes, tag with version & push.
  • Run make release.


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