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Initiate SSH tunnels

Project description

**Author**: **[Pahaz Blinov](**


Inspired by but it doesn't work on Windows.
See also:

Require `paramiko`.

# Install #

pip install sshtunnel


easy_install sshtunnel

# SSH tunnels to remote server #

Useful when you need to connect to local port on remote server throw ssh
tunnel. It works by opening a port forwarding ssh connection in the
background, using threads. The connection(s) are closed when explicitly
calling the `close` method of the returned SSHTunnelForwarder object.


-------------+ | +----------+ +---------
SERVER | <== SSH ========> | SERVER | <== local ==> | SERVER
-------------+ | +----------+ +---------


Fig1: How to connect to PRIVATE SERVER throw SSH tunnel.

## Ex 1: ##

from sshtunnel import SSHTunnelForwarder

server = SSHTunnelForwarder(
('', 22),
remote_bind_address=('', 5555))


# work with `SECRET SERVICE` throw `server.local_bind_port`.


# Ex 2: ##

Example of a port forwarding for the Vagrant MySQL local port:

from sshtunnel import SSHTunnelForwarder
from time import sleep

with SSHTunnelForwarder(
('localhost', 2222),
remote_bind_address=('', 3306)) as server:

while True:
# press Ctrl-C for stopping


Or simple use CLI:

python -m sshtunnel -U vagrant -P vagrant -L :3306 -R -p 2222 localhost


- [Cameron Maske](
- [Gustavo Machado](
- [Colin Jermain](
- [J.M. Fernández]( - (big thanks!)
- [Lewis Thompson](
- [Erik Rogers](

# TODO #

- Write tests!


## work in progress ##

## v. ##
- fix Thread.daemon mode for Python < 3.3 (lewisthompson, ewrogers)

## v. ##
- fix CLI issues/13 (pahaz)

## v.0.0.4 ##
- daemon mode by default for all threads (fernandezcuesta, pahaz) - *incompatible*
- move `make_ssh_forward_server` to `SSHTunnelForwarder.make_ssh_forward_server` (pahaz, fernandezcuesta) - *incompatible*
- move `make_ssh_forward_handler` to `SSHTunnelForwarder.make_ssh_forward_handler_class` (pahaz, fernandezcuesta) - *incompatible*
- rename `open` to `open_tunnel` (fernandezcuesta) - *incompatible*
- add CLI interface (fernandezcuesta)
- support opening several tunnels at once (fernandezcuesta)
- improve stability and readability (fernandezcuesta, pahaz)
- improve logging (fernandezcuesta, pahaz)
- add `raise_exception_if_any_forwarder_have_a_problem` argument for opening several tunnels at once (pahaz)
- add `ssh_config_file` argument support (fernandezcuesta)
- add Python 3 support (fernandezcuesta, pahaz)

## v.0.0.3 ##
- add `threaded` options (cameronmaske)
- fix exception error message, correctly printing destination address (gdmachado)
- fix pip install fails (cjermain, pahaz)

## v.0.0.1 ##
- `SSHTunnelForwarder` class (pahaz)
- `open` function (pahaz)

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