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A python module for orchestrating content acquisitions and light analysis via amazon ssm.

Project description

ssm-acquire Documentation Status

A python module for orchestrating content acquisitions and analysis via amazon ssm. Note: This is a pre-release.


  • Acquire memory from a linux instance to an S3 bucket using SSM.

  • Interrogate an instance for top-10 IOCs using OSQuery and save the jsonified output.

  • Analyze a memory sample on a machine using docker.

  • Create a rekall profile using an instance as a build target running the Amazon SSM Agent.


Sample Cli Usage

pip install ssm_acquire
Usage: ssm_acquire [OPTIONS]

ssm_acquire a rapid evidence preservation tool for Amazon EC2.

  --instance_id TEXT  The instance you would like to operate on.
  --region TEXT       The aws region where the instance can be found.
  --build             Specify if you would like to build a rekall profile with
                      this capture.
  --acquire           Use linpmem to acquire a memory sample from the system
                      in question.
  --interrogate       Use OSQuery binary to preserve top 10 type queries for
                      rapid forensics.
  --analyze           Use docker and rekall to autoanalyze the memory capture.
  --deploy            Create a lambda function with a handler to take events
                      from AWS GuardDuty.
  --help              Show this message and exit.

Getting Started

Deploy Responder Role into AWS Account with the CloudFormation Template: cloudformation/responder_role.yml. (Note: this role requires 2FA to assume) This will create a role with the required permissions to run ssm commands on ec2 instances and an s3 bucket to store the memory assets. You will need the bucket name and the ARN of the role in the next step.

Setup a config file in your home directory. It should be named .threatresponse.ini There is a sample config file in conf/settings.ini - it has three required parameters.

  • mfa_serial_number: the serial number for your MFA device for assuming the role.

  • asset_bucket: the name of the bucket to store the assets. This was created in step 1.

  • ssm_acquire_role_arn: the ARN of the Responder Role you created in step 1.

pip install ssm_acquire

To acquire memory and build a rekall profile from an instance:

ssm_acquire --instance_id i-xxxxxxxx --region us-west-2 --build --acquire

You can analyze your memory capture right away with:

ssm_acquire --instance_id i-xxxxxxx --analyze

This will analyze the memory dump with the most common rekall plugins: [psaux, pstree, netstat, ifconfig, pidhashtable] When the analysis is done it will upload the results back to the asset store.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.


0.1.0 (2018-11-10)

  • Initial Commit to Github (2018-11-25)

  • Publish to warehouse for AWS Re: Invent 2018

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