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Utilities for AWS EC2 SSM

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Utilities for AWS EC2 SSM

  • run commands

  • list and show invocations


Install via pip

$ pip install ssmrun


Quickly run system commands on Linux nodes:

# Target nodes by name
$ ssm cmd <target> <system_command>

# Target nodes in an auto scaling group
$ ssm cmd -A <target> <system_command>

# Target nodes created with a CloudFormation stack (including CFN ASGs)
$ ssm cmd -S <target> <system_command>

Run SSM Command:

# Run on targets filtered by EC2 tag "Name"
$ ssm run <docutment-name> <ec2-instances-name>

# Run with SSM parameters
$ ssm run <docutment-name> <ec2-instances-name> -P p1="v1" -P p2="v2"

# Run and get status for each targeted instance
$ ssm run <docutment-name> <ec2-instances-name> -s

# Run and get command output for each targeted instance
$ ssm run <docutment-name> <ec2-instances-name> -o

# Run against instances in an auto scaling group
$ ssm run <docutment-name> <asg-name> -k aws:autoscaling:groupName

# Run against instances created via CloudFormation stack
$ ssm run <docutment-name> <cfn-stack-name> -k aws:cloudformation:stack-name

List and Show SSM Command Invocations:

# Show invocation
$ ssm show <command-id>

# Show invocation and targets status
$ ssm show <command-id> -s

# Show invocation and targets status and command output
$ ssm show <command-id> -o

# List command invocations
$ ssm ls -n NUM

# List command invocations and targets status
$ ssm ls -s

List and Show SSM Documents:

# List documents
$ ssm docs

# List documents with details
$ ssm docs -l

# Get document content
$ ssm get <doc-name>


ssmrun was written by Fullscreen Devops.

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