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This is small tool for managing daily standup notes and getting them ready to be copy/pasted into another platform (i.e. virtual standup in Mattermost)

Project description

A simple way to capture notes for your daily standup meetings.


From source

python3 -m pip install pipenv 
python3 install --user

From PyPi

pip3 install standup-notes

Bash Setup

To have bash completion, find where the standup-notes.bash file is in your system by running the following command

pip3 show standup-notes

Under the Location: tab, this is where the resoruces folder is located which contains standup-notes.bash. Run the following command to copy the bash completion script to the correct directory

cp /path/to/resources/standup-notes.bash /etc/bash_completion.d/


Day Flags


Pass the flags to the read, copy and edit execution to manipulate their respectives standup-notes


standup-notes --l
standup-notes --list

will list commands that can be run by the script


standup-notes --r
standup-notes --read

will print out the stand up note based on the date flag passed


standup-notes -c
standup-notes --copy

will copy the standup-notes to the date selected to your clipboard


standup-notes -e
standup-notes --edit

will edit the note selected based on date flagged passed Passing the copy argument will allow you to copy the previous days "What I did Today" into "What I did yesterdays" section of that days note

standup-notes -e --today -c 
standup-notes -edit --today --copy

Delete Notes

standup-notes -d
standup-notes --delete

Deletes all notes that are older then the date inputted, format of date input shown below

standup-notes -d YYYY-MM-DD
standup-notes -d 2020-05-05

This will delete any notes older then May 5th 2020

Post Notes

standup-notes -p
standup-notes --post

This will post the standup-notes based on date flagged passed

standup-notes -p --today
standup-notes --post --tomorrow
I hate typing my name and the URL every time

To save your name and the URL of the MS Teams Webhook:

  1. vim $(pip3 show standup_notes | grep 'Location' | cut -c11-)/standup_notes/resources/config.json
  2. Add your name and the connectorURL or the channel you want to post your notes to.
Create an incoming webhook
  1. Navigate to the channel where you want to add the webhook and select (•••) More Options from the top navigation bar.
  2. Choose Connectors from the drop-down menu and search for Incoming Webhook.
  3. Select the Configure button, provide a name, and, optionally, upload an image avatar for your webhook.
  4. The dialog window will present a unique URL that will map to the channel. Make sure that you copy and save the URL—you will need to provide it to the outside service.
  5. Select the Done button. The webhook will be available in the team channel.

For more information on webhooks please visit

Why? Why not?

Tired of opening nano on your own?

Forget if you like headings or italics for your standup section titles?

Stuck in that weird VISUAL MODE in vim where you can't right-click copy and paste your notes into chat? Looking like a tool, because you aren't using the right ones.

Well, no more.

standup-notes to the rescue.

Brag hard about your $EDITOR selection

Set your $EDITOR environment variable (in your .bashrc) to tell standup-notes and your friends,

"Yo playa', I use X to edit my files. Like a boss!"

Only chumps right-click to Copy and Paste

You heard me. And I know you're no chump. Use standup-notes to seamlessly --copy-today's notes and by ready for that meeting on the fly. So fly.

I have kids. I don't sleep. My brain is basically just scrambled eggs. I use templates.

Get to the point. I can't remember what I like (italics vs. headings). I just do what my template tells me.

Don't waste time with that cookie cutter garbagio. Get straight to the content. Leave the boilerplate to the tool.

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