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Tool to quickly create Static Portrait Mods for Crusader Kings 2

Project description

CK2 STAtic POrtrait MOd Generator

A quick tool to generate static portrait mods for Crusader Kings 2.


Install with pip install stapomog. Make sure to use pip3 if Python 3 isn't your default version.


Copy all your image files into a folder (you can use arbitrary subfolders for organization). There's no need to crop them into circles, but make sure your character's face is somewhat centered. Name the files following the pattern name_agerange_trait.ext. Everything after the first dot is ignored, so you can have multiple files with the same attributes.


hannah_20-30.png # will be used for the "hannah" portrait between ages 20 and 30
steve_mid.jpg	# will be used for the "steve" portrait for middle age (30-49)
mike_35-40.alternate.jpeg # will be used for the "mike" portrait between ages 35 and 40
emily_-30_fair.png # will be used for the "emily" portrait up to age 30 if she's attractive
tiffany.jpg # will be used for the "tiffany" portrait at any age
gilly_young_wilding.png # will be used for the "gilly" portrait for young age (16-29) if she has the "wildling" trait

Then simply run the command stapomog (folder). It will generate a new mod in the folder stapomog_portrait_mod. Merge this folder with your existing mod or use it as a standalone mod (make sure to create a .mod file).

You can now assign the new portraits by adding traits with events, decisions or console commands - they are simply named portrait_(name). If you set the global flag debug_stapomog, you can directly assign portraits to any living person by right-clicking them.

If you add additional pictures, you can simply update your existing mod (even if you moved and renamed it) by running stapomog (modfolder). Keep in mind that updating mods midgame will break your savegames if traits are added or removed.

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