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Tiny wrapper on starlette and marshmallow-jsonapi for fast JSON:API compliant python services.

Project description


A minimal "framework" intended to help write json:api compliant services in async Python, written on top of starlette and marshmallow-jsonapi.

In the maintainer's view, REST frameworks that come with a complete data layer implementation are quite limiting and rarely usable in production systems due to business logic needs or authorization constraints. The default implementation they come with is usually getting in the way, more than helping.

Because of that, starlette_jsonapi does not contain a data layer implementation, so you should be able to pick any available async ORM. This also means that you are going to get a very basic interface for writing a REST resource, with some helpers to make your experience more pleasant, but nothing fancy.


pip install starlette-jsonapi

Since this project is under development, please pin your dependencies to avoid problems.


  • 100% tests coverage
  • basic json:api serialization
  • including related resources
  • starlette friendly route generation
  • exception handlers to serialize as json:api responses
  • relationship resources
  • sparse fields
  • support for client generated IDs
  • support top level meta objects
  • pagination helpers
  • OpenAPI 3.x (f.k.a Swagger) integration



Available on Read The Docs

You should take a look at the examples directory for full implementations.

To generate documentation files locally, you should create a virtualenv, then activate it and install the requirements:

cd docs
pip install -r requirements.txt

With the docs virtualenv activated, you can then run make html to generate the HTML files.

The result will be written to docs/build, and you can open docs/build/html/index.html in your browser of choice to view the pages.


This project is in its early days, so any help is appreciated.

Running tests:

As simple as running tox.

If you plan to use pyenv and want to run tox for multiple python versions, you can create multiple virtual environments and then make them available to tox by running something like: pyenv shell starlette_jsonapi_venv36 starlette_jsonapi_venv37 starlette_jsonapi_venv38 starlette_jsonapi_venv39.

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