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synthetic time-series generator in PyTorch

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Collecting datasets to train Machine Learning models can be time consuming. Another alternative is to use synthetic datasets. startorch is a Python library to generate synthetic time-series. As the name suggest, startorch relies mostly on PyTorch to generate the time series and to control the randomness. startorch is built to be modular, flexible and extensible. Below show some generated sequences by startorch where the values are sampled from different distribution.

uniform log-uniform
sine wave Wiener process


startorch batchtensor coola objectory numpy torch iden* matplotlib* plotly* python
main >=0.0.1,<0.1 >=0.2,<1.0 >=0.1,<1.0 >=1.23,<2.0 >=2.0,<3.0 >=0.0.2,<0.1 >=3.6,<4.0 >=5.0,<6.0 >=3.9,<3.12
0.1.0 >=0.0.1,<0.1 >=0.2,<1.0 >=0.1,<1.0 >=1.22,<2.0 >=2.0,<3.0 >=0.0.2,<0.1 >=3.6,<4.0 >=5.0,<6.0 >=3.9,<3.12

* indicates an optional dependency

older versions
startorch coola objectory redcat torch matplotlib* plotly* python
0.0.8 >=0.0.20,<0.2 >=0.0.7,<0.2 >=0.0.16,<0.1 >=2.0,<3.0 >=3.6,<4.0 >=5.12,<6.0 >=3.9,<3.12
0.0.7 >=0.0.20,<0.0.25 >=0.0.7,<0.0.9 >=0.0.16,<0.0.18 >=2.0,<2.2 >=3.6,<3.9 >=5.12,<5.18 >=3.9,<3.12
0.0.6 >=0.0.20,<0.0.25 >=0.0.7,<0.0.9 >=0.0.16,<0.0.18 >=2.0,<2.2 >=3.6,<3.9 >=3.9,<3.12
0.0.5 >=0.0.20,<0.0.24 >=0.0.7,<0.0.8 >=0.0.16,<0.0.17 >=2.0,<2.1 >=3.6,<3.9 >=3.9,<3.12
0.0.4 >=0.0.20,<0.0.24 >=0.0.7,<0.0.8 >=0.0.16,<0.0.17 >=2.0,<2.1 >=3.6,<3.9 >=3.9,<3.12
0.0.3 >=0.0.20,<0.0.24 >=0.0.7,<0.0.8 >=0.0.9,<0.0.10 >=2.0,<2.1 >=3.6,<3.9 >=3.9,<3.12


Please check the instructions in

API stability

:warning: While startorch is in development stage, no API is guaranteed to be stable from one release to the next. In fact, it is very likely that the API will change multiple times before a stable 1.0.0 release. In practice, this means that upgrading startorch to a new version will possibly break any code that was using the old version of startorch.


startorch is licensed under BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" license available in LICENSE file.

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