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StatsD server with exporting metrics to graphite/carbon

Project description

StatsD server implemenation compatible with python3. For python2 support see Bucky.

Metrics are flushed into graphite/carbon.


  • Support for counters, timers, gauges and sets.

  • Gauge values are kept between flushes.

  • Counters, timers and sets are emptied on every flash.

  • Counter metrics have .count postfix.

  • Timer metrics have upper, lower, mean, stdev and configurable percentile values.

  • Clean metric names with prefix (-p command line option) and name sent by a client only.

  • Low footprint.


usage: statsdly [-h] [-v] [-l host[:port]] [-f seconds]
                [--percentiles p1,p2,...] [-p prefix] [--recycle seconds] -g

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v                    increase verbosity
  -l host[:port]        listen on host:port, default is
  -f seconds            flush interval, default is 60 seconds
  --percentiles p1,p2,...
                        timer percentiles as csv, default is '50,75,95,99'
  -p prefix, --prefix prefix
                        prefix to all metrics
  --recycle seconds     reconnect to carbon after this amount of seconds,
                        default is 300s
  -g host[:port]        graphite host:port for sending metrics, default port
                        is 2003

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