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Client stubs for accessing the StellarStation API

Project description

StellarStation API

The public API definition for StellarStation and supported client libraries / helpers.

Feel free to send PRs to improve documentation when things are unclear or file issues with questions on usage.


The StellarStation API is based on gRPC. An API client can be written in any language supported by gRPC by following one of the language-specific guides here.

The main protocol definition used to generate language specific stub code is here.

Language-specific documentation:

When using proto files from this repository directly in client code, make sure to only use tagged releases. Using proto files from any non-tagged revision will likely not work correctly or maintain backwards compatibility.

The API follows semantic versioning - any breaking, backwards incompatible change will be made while increasing the major version.


We provide precompiled client stubs for Java. Java users can just add a dependency on the stubs and don't need to compile the protocol into code themselves.

Gradle users should add the stellarstation-api artifact to their dependencies, e.g.,

dependencies {
    compile 'com.stellarstation.api:stellarstation-api:0.14.0'

Maven users would add to their pom.xml


A full example of a Java API client can be found here. You can also find tutorials to start your own Java client here.

We publish SNAPSHOT builds to for access to preview features. The same caveats as using non-tagged releases applies - not all functions in SNAPSHOT builds may be implemented yet and there is no guarantee of backwards compatibility for SNAPSHOT builds. It is generally not recommended to use SNAPSHOT builds without first consulting with your StellarStation rep.

Note for Alpine Linux users

For anyone trying to use the Java API client in an Alpine Linux container, they will find it doesn't work due to a limitation of gRPC with Java 8. There are many ways to work around this, such as using jetty-alpn or installing a version of Java 9+, but our recommendation for Java 8 users is to use distroless, which is similarly compact but will work fine with gRPC.


We provide precompiled client stubs for Python. Python users can install them with pip.

$  pip install --upgrade stellarstation

A full example of a Python API client can be found here.


We provide precompiled client stubs for Go, found here.

import stellarstation ""


We provide precompiled client stubs for NodeJS. NodeJS users can install them with npm.

$ npm install @infostellarinc/stellarstation-api


Authentication to the StellarStation API is done using JWT bearer tokens ( When initializing an API client, make sure to register call credentials using the private key downloaded from the StellarStation Console. Details for registering call credentials on a gRPC stub can be found here. Note that if the key has been revoked on the console, it will not be usable to authenticate with the API.


For Java, the grpc-auth and google-auth-library-oauth2-http libraries can be used to easily setup authentication of an API client.

// Load the private key downloaded from the StellarStation Console.
ServiceAccountJwtAccessCredentials credentials =

// Setup the gRPC client.
ManagedChannel channel =
    ManagedChannelBuilder.forAddress("", 443)
StellarStationServiceStub client =


google-auth for Python can be used for authentication of an API client.

# Load the private key downloaded from the StellarStation Console.
credentials = google_auth_jwt.Credentials.from_service_account_file(

# Setup the gRPC client.
jwt_creds = google_auth_jwt.OnDemandCredentials.from_signing_credentials(
channel = google_auth_transport_grpc.secure_authorized_channel(
  jwt_creds, None, '')
client = stellarstation_pb2_grpc.StellarStationServiceStub(channel)

Other languages

Other languages have similar methods for loading Service Account JWT Access Credentials. For example,

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