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A GPT-2 based AI assisted storytelling tool

Project description


Storybro is a community maintained fork of AI Dungeon 2. AI Dungeon was originally created by Nick Walton.

Visit our Wiki here: Storybro wiki

Read more about AI Dungeon 2 and how it was built here.

This fork aims to provide:

  • Improvements the original codebase
  • A command-line tool storybro for managing models, stories, etc
  • An improved interactive play mode
  • A model registry where models can be downloaded
  • An http web-service exposing most features
  • A Pip installable Python package


Storybro's AI can use your GPU or CPU. A GPU will produce AI responses much faster than a CPU. An nVidia GPU with 12 GB or more of memory, and CUDA installed, is required for GPU play. If you do not have such a GPU, you can play on your CPU. However, each turn can take a couple of minutes or more for the game to compose its response.


This README only covers installation. To learn how to play visit our Wiki.


Installing Storybro requires the following software:

  • Python 3.4 - 3.7

Grab the source code with Git and clone it to your machine:

git clone

Windows Installation

Storybro comes with a few Windows Batch scripts to facilitate installation. If you'd like to install manually, see Manual Installation.

Storybro uses Chocolatey, a package manager, to install dependencies:

1: Using an ADMINISTRATOR terminal from the root of this repo:


2: Close your terminal and re-open it.

3: Now that Chocolatey is installed, install our dependencies and Storybro:


4: Once installation is done you should be in a shell. You can now use the storybro command:

Linux Installation

Storybro comes with a few shell scripts to faciliate installation. If you'd like to install manually, see Manual Installation.

To install Storybro simply run the install script:


You can now use Poetry to enter a shell where you can use the storybro command:

poetry shell

Manual Installation

Storybro is a Python application and uses Poetry for its environment.

Install Poetry with Pip:

$ pip install poetry

Use Poetry to install Storybro:

$ poetry install

Use Poetry to run Storybro:

$ poetry run storybro

Storybro uses Aria2 to download models. Make sure that it is installed and on your $PATH if you intend to use Storybro to download models.


Storybro is an open source project. Questions, discussion, and contributions are welcome. Contributions can be anything from new packages to bugfixes, documentation, or even new core features.



Contributing to Storybro is easy! Just send us a pull request from your fork. Make sure develop is the destination branch.

Storybro uses a rough approximation of the Git Flow branching model. The develop branch contains the latest contributions, and master is always tagged and points to the latest stable release.

If you're a contributor, make sure you're testing and playing on develop. That's where all the magic is happening (and where we hope bugs stop).

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